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Higgins & Bear

Our Home page features two boys we are extremely proud of ......Higgins and Bear. These boys are both sired by our foundation stud "Jake" and are owned, loved and trained by Judy Broome of  Pennsylvania , USA.

To date Judy and these two boys have accomlished the following titles: Coppercliff's Just Watch Me " Higgin's"

RN, RA,CD,BN,CGC1, TT. APDT Rally level 1 & 2 Championship, Therapy Dog International license as well.

Coppercliff's Little Country Bear "Bear" APDT Level 1 Championship . BN, CD, RN, Therapy Dog International, CGC1 T.T. (Temperment Test)

Thank-You Judy, Higgins and Bear for all that you have done for the betterment of our wonderful breed and our Kennel. We couldn't be prouder of you all!


Fay, Paul and the gang at Coppercliff

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